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The Independent Contractor


Every vendor should be registered filling the Vendor’s register form found in the website under the “vendors” tab.

A register will be considered complete only when the vendor attaches all required i n the form:

  • License (for sub-contractors)
  • Proof of Liability Insurance including Cruz Construction Group as Additional Insured like this:

Cruz Construction Group Inc
2645 Executive Park Dr. Suite 338
Weston, Fl. 33331

  • Proof of Workers Compensation (no exceptions)
  • Proof of Commercial Vehicle Insurance (if need it)
  • Copy of Legal Representative Driver’s License
  • Void copy of Company’s check
  • W9 (form found in under the “vendors” tab)
  • Independent Contractor Non-Compete Agreement

Charging and Payment

See Documents “The Invoice” and “The Payment Process” found in our web page under the ”vendors” tab.

Notice to Owner

Despite the fact that the contractors work for Cruz Construction Group, it is imperative all suppliers prepare and send their Notice of Owner during the first 45 days from the day they start working in the project. It is the contractor’s only responsibility to send his “Notice to Owner” on time in order to guarantee his payment in case the project’s owner does not meet his financial agreement with Cruz Construction Group.

Release of Lien

Every payment will be done for a properly out filled release of lien, signed and legalized.

There are two types of Releases of lien, a “partial” one for advancements and a “final” for final payments. The forms of release of lien are found in the website under the “vendors” tab.

Industrial Safety (OSHA)

The contractor has to work according to OSHA regulations at all times, especially those related to personal protection rules.

The site supervisor has authority given by the general contractor to make mandatory the compliance of all safety regulations and also to expel any person or contractor that refuses to comply with.


All contractors work includes keeping the working areas clean and/or cleaning them at the end of the day, disposing trash i n areas designated by the site supervisor. When a contractor does not meet this simple rule the supervisor can hire cleaning services with a third person and discount the paid sum from the contractor’s next payment.


It is the contractor’s duty to start or continue working on the date indicated by the project supervisor. If the contractor does not do i t, Cruz Construction Group has the right to hire somebody else to start or to continue the work at the necessary price and discount the payment from the original contract. Repetitive noncompliance with duties leads to the unilateral termination of the contract.


It is the contractor’s duty to call for inspections and attend them.

Work Guarantee

10% of the total contract’s value will be retained until the end of the project as work quality guarantee.

The Invoice

All invoices must meet the following requirements in order to be approved:


  • It has to be called INVOICE. (Proposals, statements, etc. are not accepted).
  • It has to have a consecutive number. (The date i s not that number).
  • It has to have a date.

About the Supplier

  • Complete supplier’s name (Corporation or Personal)
  • Complete supplier’s address
  • Supplier’s Telephone number
  • Supplier’s Email
  • FEI Number (Companies only)
  • Social Security Number (Personal only) (Verbally and the first time only).

Who to Charge

  • Invoices must be addressed to Cruz Construction Group Inc, 2645 Executive Park Drive, Suite 338, Weston, FL 33331

What Project

  • Name of the Project’s owner (Ask the Project’s supervisor)
  • It should also have the project’s complete address.

What is Charged

  • Detailed description of the executed or planned work.

Charge amount

  • Invoices should be issued for 100% the contract’s price
  • No partial payment invoices need it.
  • Send invoices to


The Payment Process


The payment process starts when the vendor submits his invoice to the email (See invoices requirements in the document “The Invoice”)


If the invoice meets the requirements described in “the invoice” document, i t will be approved and it will enter in the payment process.

If it doesn’t, the vendor will receive an email explaining the reason why the invoice has been rejected. It i s the vendor’s responsibility to do the corrections and re-submit. The payment time will start counting after the corrected invoice resubmission.


The project supervisor prepares a weekly payments log. Partial or total payments will be approved according to the job advance. A 10% retainer will be made until the final project delivery.


There are two payments systems:

  • Zelle : For less than $800 dollars payments
  • : For more than $800 dollars payments

Checks or “Cash” are no available options.


Once the invoice has been approved, the approval, accounting and payment order process needs between 3 to 4 days. Zelle is an immediate payment but takes 3 extra working days to transfer the money to the vendor’s bank account.

We recommend submitting the invoices before start working


Please download the following information an retain for future reference


Por favor descargue y guarde la siguiente información para referencia futura.

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